The Nostalgia Project: a solo percussion performance by Peter Ferry

The Nostalgia Project is a multimedia collaboration examining the triggers that elicit a sense of nostalgia.

The project involves the Eastman School of Music, Rochester Institute of Technology, and you!

Visit to upload a Polaroid image or photograph, which evokes a memory, the feeling of nostalgia, or a response to the music. Both your image and your recorded commentary will be included as source material for the performance. During the performance the audience members will be able to respond and interact with the music and imagery via text messaging.

Eastman School of Music:
Peter Ferry (solo percussionist)
Matthew Evans (composer)

Rochester Institute of Technology:
Susan Lakin (producer)
Anna Clem (videographer)
Joe Geigel (technical manager)
Mitchell DeMarco (technical leader)
Karteek Mekala and Sergio Vargas (web programmers)
David Bright Jr. and Jonathan Johnson (audio analysis programmers)
Kimberly Sing and Yuqiong Wang (web designers)